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Kids Thrive Drive - Uvalde Care Package Delivery

Something Bigger Foundation of Texas Announces Care Package Drive Supporting Impacted Children of Robb Elementary School Shooting

AUSTIN, Texas—July 13, 2022—The Something Bigger Foundation of Texas is supporting children who were impacted by the Robb Elementary School shooting this past May. The Kids Thrive Drive will be partnering with the Uvalde School District to help those families affected by the violence.

David & Leslie Shippy, CEO & President of Quantum Leap Investments remarked, “We consider the tough problems of our time and look for organizations that are making a difference. Once we identify an effort that is finding and funding solutions, we offer our time, efforts, and financial support to aid the delivery of the goods and services most necessary.”

The Something Bigger Foundation was originally a volunteer effort made by their company, Shippy Property Management now known as, Quantum Leap Investments to give back to the communities they own and manage. The #Shippysgiveback effort made by the company and its employees soon grew into what we now know as The Something Bigger Foundation.

Leslie Shippy, President of Shippy Property Management says, “We impact our community through our outreach, volunteer efforts, and supply drives to help serve the needs of the communities where we live and work.”

The Something Bigger Foundation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to Community Outreach, Humanitarian Causes, Wildlife Preservation and Land & Water Conservation.

“We believe every action is a part of something bigger and by working to help better the lives of people in our communities, impacting the preservation of land and conservation of wildlife that we are able to help build beautiful balanced communities that flourish.” -David Shippy, CEO

The organization extends its mission and beliefs of thriving communities to the Uvalde School District and surrounding areas where relief and aid is necessary. The culture of care at Shippy Property Management extends to every facet of life and stands against injustice of any form. Hence, the name Something Bigger Foundation stands true to its core values and mission.

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