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5th Annual Caring for Critters Brunch by Austin Wildlife Rescue 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The Something Bigger Foundation will be supporting the Austin Wildlife Rescue Foundation on their 5th annual caring for critters brunch. The foundation continues to support the endeavors of Austin Wildlife Rescue in its upcoming Caring for Critters brunch taking place Saturday September 24th, 2022 at the newly renovated Hilton Austin Airport.

The Something Bigger Foundation was recognized for its contribution in last years Caring for Critters brunch. Funds raised will support their work to rescue, rehabilitate, and release more than 10,000 orphaned, injured, and sick wild animals each year.

The Something Bigger Foundation’s mission is to help better the lives of people in our communities, impacting the preservation of land and conservation of wildlife that we are able to help build beautiful balanced communities that flourish.

David and Leslie Shippy share the same values when it comes to Wildlife Preservation.

“We believe that the preservation of our wildlife is important to the health and well-being of the ecosystem in which we live. We participate with organizations that are doing education and having grassroots impact in our communities to impact the survival and understanding of our wildlife.”

The Austin Wildlife Rescue specializes in urban wildlife issues. With the number of city dwellers in Austin on the rise, it creates a diverse set of problems for much of the wildlife. Austin Wildlife Rescue sits on a 10-acre wooded tract of land, owned by the Travis Audubon Society. People who find an injured or orphaned animal can bring them to the Intake center in which the animal will be admitted, treated to stabilization, then released back into its natural habitat.

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